"Alakai "Great Circle" Route"

Parked at Sugi Grove and left arount 7:30, back to car at 4:00 (jogged/ran whenever on road or real trail, stopped for a couple 15 minute breaks during the day).

On the track you can see where I got off route a few times between Camp 10 and the pali. I didn't have points programed in to the gps and was just heading towards the pali trying to find the most direct/easy route. You have to travel along the fence, but no need to go in the 2 fenced areas you pass at the Circle Bog (also where a trail drops to the west and into Mohihi Stream and up the other side to join the Mohihi/Waialae Trail) just above and east of Camp 10 for the first one and then about halfway to the pali for the second one.

No pics, sorry.

A few views out to the coast are possible, I saw beach once when the clouds opened up for a few seconds. Cell reception halfway through.

Middle section most difficult with many minor westward drainages to cross while maintaining primary ridge. Easy to get sucked down the wrong little ridge, gps very helpful as visibility was very limited with clouds/mist most of the way.

Some flags on each end, but very few in middle. Looks like people might often come in and out from the same end and don't pass the middle. But, the birder guy I met told me he'd done the whole ridge surveying birds this past summer. In the time it takes to read this letter another introduced Puaohi will have died... (and wasted countless dollars and man hours in a feel-good excersize in futility!)

At northern end, route veers off ridge and follows through a boggy area. There are at least 2 fenced bog areas just south ot the board walk. (I've passed through both on other visits, but only went through one on this trip).

VT8 comments

Wow! Great creative hike! Congrats to Joe the Wasilla Plumber. Initially he followed the ridge just north of the Mohihi-Waialae Trail ridge. I suppose it'd be possible to also cut off the MWT to the Wainiha Pali before it drops into Koaie Gorge. Note that Joe is a very experienced Alakai Warrior and has hiked both the ridges many times. This is not a hike for the Alakai novice.